Last week, I was in Amsterdam for a conference and it was an eventful experience. Being there for the first, I was excited and prepared to experience “the sins” XD. Surprisingly, I was charmed by better parts of the city and not the tourist ones. Smoking openly is a pleasing experience but the people of the city impressed me the most. Sitting beside the canals and the water floating beneath you, the tourist waving and snapping their cameras from the boats passing is a pretty picture. But the locals are care free and embracing warm and polite. Being a major attraction, and having a low crime rate speaks itself Amsterdam. There is a special charm in the city cannot be put together in words. One has to be there to experience it, to soak and absorb it all. You can sit idle silently, just pause and reflect. At the same time a different side of the city would go wild and party crazy, so calm yet so energetic, so composed yet so wild. I feel it has a lot for everyone, whether you’re an artist or a scientist or a no one. There’s something about this city you feel connected to, its hard to find sorrows and sadness in this city. I’m sure there must be failures, misery and pain, like every other place. But there’s a different way to experience and express it. It’s very mature and simplistic. It has been the best city I’ve been to so far and Amsterdam has a special spot in my heart.

Cycles & Canals

Cycles and Canals, Amsterdam’s favorite love story.


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