Last week, I was in Amsterdam for a conference and it was an eventful experience. Being there for the first, I was excited and prepared to experience "the sins" XD. Surprisingly, I was charmed by better parts of the city and not the tourist ones. Smoking openly is a pleasing experience but the people of … Continue reading Amsterdam.



Recently, some of my friends and me had a short vacation down to the central Europe. I needed some time off and a break, and so we decided to travel Vienna-Prague-Budapest. Bought a week long tickets to Budapest and the idea was to land in 'Pest and ride to Vienna first. We landed in Budapest … Continue reading Vienna-Prague-Budapest

Suomen Talvi ’16.

The title roughly translates to Finnish Winter 2016. There is something about winters, something colorful. Usually, people associate winters with darkness, long nights, but I tend to appreciate the snow covered silence, the cold breeze. This winter was rather severe, compared to my previous experiences, with the mercury dropping as low as -33, in Tampere. … Continue reading Suomen Talvi ’16.

Social Media Status

 Lately, I have frequently found myself at the receiving end of unnecessary hostility from my friends. My only, crime, is disagreement with their opinions on a social media. It seems, there is an unwritten rule, "Friends agree on Facebook". And, if by mistake you somehow, make them look bad with your comments, you will be … Continue reading Social Media Status

Things I did in Lapland =D

This March, I had the chance to visit the winter wonderland, the home to Santa Claus =D, "Lapland". Located in the northern part of Finland, peeping just above the Arctic Circle, the region is surely a place worth visiting. Sparsely populated, even by Finnish standards, the place sees hurling tourists, all throughout the year. We … Continue reading Things I did in Lapland =D

The Estonian Experience.

It took a bit of discussions, disagreements and debate to finally set off on our "Crazy trip to Tallinn" (that's what we called it). Our group, very versatile - observant creative astute budding architects, Filip and Lubos, uptight paranoid calculative Christoph, chirpy Veronika, quiet yet friendly Tiago, crazy insane Itaians, Paolo and Andrea, and me … Continue reading The Estonian Experience.