Wikipedia describes Orienteering as “a family of sports that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain, and normally moving at speed.”

One such rainy Monday afternoon, my friend Gaurav, his workmates and me set out on our adventure of Orienteering. We were introduced to the sport by Katariina: Gaurav’s workmate. Katarinna has been practicing the sport for quite sometime and was very skilled at it. She explained the rules, the ways to read the map and lent us the equipment needed for it. This sport works so that, one has to reach the multiple check points sprawled across a region, stamping an RFID tag at each of the check points. The time for the finishing the circuit is recorded and shared with the participants. There were different levels of the race, for eg “beginners”, which is spread over 3 kms and there were 11 checkpoints to cover. Our time were published at this webpage.

Being debutants at the sport, we did pretty well to finish the race. A wet weather didn’t help the cause. Holding the Orienteering map in our hand, we lost our way in the forest between the checkpoints. Reading this map requires some skills, the trails, hills and mountains are marked in with particular symbols.



With the map, tag and compass

Though the sport was energy sapping, we felt accomplished after finishing it. Roaming through the forest, climbing rocks, slipping on the mosses, jumping over fallen logs, running in the swamps, it was an exciting experience, highly recommended.


Orienteering Map