Passenger in Luxembourg


Last week I had a chance to attend Michael David Rosenberg’s, better known by his stage name “Passenger”, concert here in Luxembourg. The venue was subtly set up with just enough (not too many!) people. An open air arena with small stands or shops selling snacks and booze. Having arrived early at the venue, we (my friend from work & me) were lucky to get a space close to the stage. Stu Larsen, another budding musician started the concert with his songs about traveling and advertising his new upcoming album.

2017-07-18 22.03.21

After a few songs, Passenger walked on the stage with a huge cheer from the crowd. It was evening and the day was getting cooler and sun light slowing dimming. I was pleasantly surprised, rather more impressed, by the personality of David. He struck as a funny guy. With a glass of whiskey in hand, he started with a story of how he performed as a street singer for 5 years and never expected to be famous. He started with his not so famous songs and the crowd was already moving to his tunes, people were smiling kissing and cheering. His most famous single “Let her go” made everybody lose themselves. The whole energy had a positive effect. His voice was just magical and the atmosphere around added to the setup. Eventually, he finished with a few duet with Stu. It was not one of those super packed high cheering concerts, with people jumping in mosh pits. It was more of those pleasant, charming and happy like feeling concerts. The crowd too was well behaved, cheering, making loud jokes and smiling. In the end, I enjoyed my bit and was happy by the end of it.

2017-07-18 22.34.23