Apartment E101


The morning of 1st Spetember 2016 wasn’t the most cheerful one. I got up from my bed, making slow advances towards the kitchen to brew my morning coffee for one final time. As the old coffee machine made grumbling noises, I walked into the balcony for probably the last time.

My contract for Apartment E101 had been terminated and I was all packed up to leave. Having arrived in Finland, this apartment was my first shelter. I was gathering all my memories from the last three years. I remember the first time I stepped inside meeting my roommates, befriending them.

Rodolfo, Qang and me were the first ones to move in the apartment and later Johan and Maxim occupied Qang’s room one after the other. Rodolfo and me had always been in the “House of Pendjos” (that’s what we called it XD). Both of us had changed so much as a person from the time we arrived here in Finland. Waking up to Latin music and greeting The Mexican with “Huomenta”, “Buenos Dias!” was our typical morning routine. I first got introduced to Latin culture and learned more about China through my roommates. I recollected the flashes of all the parties and drinking games I had in this same kitchen, our friends coming over, trying out our Mexican and Indian cuisines. roommatesI sipped my coffee and sat in the balcony thinking about the summer evenings. I found myself smiling and recalling those moments. Towards the end of summer, the dusk always seemed bright. I remember how I used to sit long in the balcony and read books, it used to so quiet and peaceful. img_20160731_215527

When it rained, the drops would make a clicking noise against the glass window pane in the balcony. It always felt good to feel the freshness and hear the rain against the window and watch the drops trickling down the glass pane, gleaming in the sun.img_20160802_211012

The door to my room resembled that of a high school kid’s, with posters and stickers, some of them posted by Rodolfo.img_20160823_123225I walked into my room, so many memories confined here. It felt like these walls have seen and heard too much of me. I had lot of interviews, calls, fights, laughs, sorrows, joys all in this room. When I looked outside from my window, I could see the trees all green. I had seen them change color with seasons, turing to yellow, white and green.


When I’m low, I have a habit of surrounding myself with things that motivates me and keeps me going. These posters and messages on my walls and windows are a symbol of that. I tend to talk to myself quite often and these walls & windows helped me with it. Apparently, Apartment E101 was very good at it.




Suomen Talvi ’16.

The title roughly translates to Finnish Winter 2016. There is something about winters, something colorful. Usually, people associate winters with darkness, long nights, but I tend to appreciate the snow covered silence, the cold breeze.
This winter was rather severe, compared to my previous experiences, with the mercury dropping as low as -33, in Tampere. Though, the cold agony was short lived, as the weather tend to stable itself after a few torturous weeks. Talvi ’16 brought tonnes of snow, and the scenes around seemed like a painted canvas.
You can’t get too much winter in the winter. Robert Frost
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With the white snow just setting in the early December, the trees still had a few green leaves. The occasional warm sun, the hue of soft white snow below, sky overhead, yellow sun peeping through the green leaves in the forest.
On other days, the sky would be blue, brush stroked clouds, bare trees holding white snow and the unending roads.


Winter is not a season, its an occupation. ~Sinclair Lewis.
You can’t get too much winter in the winter. Robert Frost
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/r/robertfros396590.html?src=t_winter


Walking on a frozen lake, through the sleigh marks, watching the sun go down behind the forest, the soft glowing light, and the cold refreshing breeze, with long silence.
The snow still firm laden on the ground, the kids playing, jumping, walking to schools. The red bricked buildings, the rusty trees lining the path, and the bright sun. The days start getting longer through the later part of winter.
 Robert Frost has rightly quoted “You can’t get too much of winter in winter.”


White blanket of snow beneath my feet.
Dark Skies overhead.

Gleaming moonlight  sparkles the snow crystals.
Misty yellow lamps decorating the street.

Winter doesn’t always disappoint.


March would announce the arrival of spring, well not so in Finland. Its a bit confusing time, the snow still stands, the sun gets warmer and some trees start to bloom. But nonetheless, its still picturesque as ever.